DESTROYER Online Premiere!

I had the absolute privilege of working with some of my best friends to make a movie called DESTROYER, and it just premiered online. You can watch it for FREE courtesy of Film Shortage!

The fIlm stars Alan Ruck (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Spin City) as a husband seeking retribution from his soon to be ex-wife Judith Hoag (Nashville, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

Watch the film at the link below:


Minimalism Part Two :: The Inspiration For Less

Inspired by the minimalism of others and the realization that I have been running full steam ahead on the wrong path, I’ve decided to take action.

In this episode:

  1. At 1:27 – Find out how I’m basically the girl from the movie Clueless
  2. At 2:34 – Find out what forced me to realize that I don’t actually need much of what I “NEED”
  3. At 4:46 – I get interrupted by my phone. Stop it phone!
  4. At 6:01 – Someone releases an army of tiny yappy dogs nearby and I ask you to join me in taking some kind of action.



#DoGoodWork Presentation at Pecha Kucha Rapid City

I am an obsessive proponent of a movement started by my buddy Ian Matthews over at Espresso Digital Co called #DoGoodWork.


The principle tenant of this movement is to stand your ground, burn your bridges and #DoGoodWork.

In large part, it’s geared toward the creative industries where people often think they are experts and are more than happy to give you completely unfounded advice as to how a photo should look, how a web design should change or how you can do your commercial “better”.

The problem is exactly this: They Aren’t Experts!

So they “just try to help” and make our lives hell.

That’s a bit of a big lead in, but it’s because I’m passionate about it.

So, I signed up for something called Pecha Kucha Night last year and decided this would be the focus of my speech.

For those of you who have never been, or who are reading this thinking, “Pet your what now?” Here’s Pecha Kucha in a nutshell. It is The art of concise presentations.

Pecha Kucha Logo

In other words, you get on stage, you have 20 slides and each slide auto advances every 20 seconds…Make it count… GO!

So, I got to go up onstage, rant and rave about something I’m wildly passionate about, ruffle a few feathers and see some old friends. The funniest part: I was nervous as HELL!

I had this idea that I needed to follow notes, because all the presentations I had seen in the past used notes. For those of you who know me, you know I’m very Off the Cuff. Part of the reason I don’t like doing theatre as much is because you have to memorize so very much…..I’d rather get the gist of it and roll with it. But that doesn’t always work.

SO, back to the presentation, I get to the stage, notes in pocket, palms sweating (MY palms sweating before going onstage, am I sick? This is weird…) and they turn to me, do you want the lights up so that you can read notes or do you want them down.

Screw it, I’m all in, I think. “Lights off. ”

Now I”m committed. I have two choices now. Be awesome, or stand on stage and fumble around at my presentation.

The first few slides were a bit rocky, but then I gained my momentum and had a blast. The Presentation went pretty well too.

During the presentation, I know I ruffled a few feathers by mentioning that Rapid City is not always the most progressive city when it comes to advertising and creativity, but I got my point across and it falls in line with a saying of mine:

You know your doing something right when somebody gets pissed off. So, I got a few haters and I got a lot of cheers. It seems the creatives of the world are tired of being treated as if they aren’t experts.

I really appreciate all the work that goes into putting on an event like that, and I really appreciated a platform to rant at. I’m really looking forward to giving another presentation during the spring season.

but wait. There’s more.

I can’t fight this feeling lately that there’s got to be more. I know I want more. more fulfillment more time more money. more travel, more dangerously driving.  I just keep feeling that feeling that there’s got to be more.

what I cant figure out, is how to get it.

part of me says stay the course.  part of me says, it’s time to start something new. 

so that part of me, the part that says time to start something new, and decided to take action an idea that has been ruminating, sort of simmering in the back of my mind for about a year now. 

going to be a new blog. I can’t tell you much right now because I don’t know the format the blood will take. I don’t know what exactly I’m going to write about weekend and week out, but I do know the topic.

the subject matter will be financing and selling independent films.