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Dust of War is a post-apocalyptic action/adventure film in the style of Mad Max meets Book of Eli.

Check out the trailer below:


The film stars Gary Graham (Star Trek, Robot Jox) and Stephen Luke (Memorial Day), with Tony Todd (Canydman, The Rock), and Doug Jones (Hellboy, Falling Skies).

It follows our hero Abel (Stephen Luke – Memorial Day) who joins forces with a war veteran (Gary Graham – Star Trek, Robot Jox) as they try to keep the girl Ellie (Jordan McFadden) from an Evil Warlord (Bates Wilder – Shutter Island, Showtimes Brotherhood). Along their adventure, they are taken in by a travelling show master, Crispus Hansen (Tony Todd – Canydman, Final Destination V) and his show runner Jebediah Strum (Doug Jones – Hellboy, Falling Skies). The fate of humanity rests on our heroes’ shoulders, and the girl is the key.

I had the chance to Line Produce this movie, focusing on logistics and budget control, and ensuring that each day went as smoothly as possible while planning to fix any hiccups we encountered along the way. (And let’s face it, this is independent film, so hiccups do happen. đŸ˜€ ).

My time spent on this film was one the biggest challenges I’ve ever faced and the best learning experiences I’ve ever had. I was away from my family for over 6 weeks working on this, and mind you little Alexa was just born, but I had the chance to step up to the plate and really perform at my peak on this film.

I could write for hours regailing you with stories from the Dust of War set, and if you’ve ever talked film with me, you know I probably will, but I’ll leave it with just this: We did something amazing with Dust of War, both with the size and scope of the film in our budget range, and for the beauty and story that made it to the screen. Those of us that were in it 100% sweat, bleed and never slept, but it was a fantastic experience.

We just premiered at San Diego Comic Con and are excited for where the film will go from here.

Dust of War is one of my shining examples of #DoGoodWork and I thank everybody involved for being a part of it. You all rock!


To find out more about the movie visit www.Dustofwarmovie.com


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