For those of you who know me, you know this much… I LOVE CARS. Not all cars though. I can appreciate most cars for something, but I really love Exotics.

I love the Ferrari 360.

Ferarri 360 Modena Alexandre Prevote Photography

I love the Porsche Carerra Turbo.

Porsche Carerra Turbo Cabriolet

I love the Lamborghini Murcielago.

lamborghini murcielago alexandre prevote photography

I love what they look like, and I love what they stand for. I LOVE that they are essentially race cars that you can drive. Vehicles like this are “art on wheels” not just cars. I can plainly say I understand having a “Point A to Point B-mobile” but I also understand doing it in style. It’s the feel, the sound, the smell and the style. There is something other worldly about cars like these that I just can’t explain. They are quality, perfection, art in motion. Hand-crafted pieces of history that you can get behind the wheel and feel the road…exploit the road to it’s most extreme. (think Pikes Peak, CO).


When I was younger (18) I swore I would have as Subaru WRX (bugeye). I Love the rally style of these cars and I love the way they perform. Well, as some of you know, I got my wish a few years

back. I got a 2002 WRX for a steal. It had already been mildly modified and was a miniature beast! To many people, a little WRX wouldn’t seem like a dream car, but to this kid it was, and I LOVED it. Not to mention, I got to fulfill a life dream by getting it, that felt pretty dang good.

BluBaru Blue 2002 Subaru WRX
Me and the Subaru at the Park

I sold the little BluBaru (blue-Buh-Roo) for a car that gets good gas mileage and even Fawn thinks is gutless (and that’s saying something). But when it comes to cars, she doesn’t understand my obsession, but then again, I can’t understand her love of SUV’s. They don’t go fast, they aren’t sexy…but to her they are.

2014 Honda CRV
Fawn’s Dream – 2014 Honda CRV

Back to the Subaru…Bucket list.Check.

This love of cars isn’t for everybody though, most of my friends don’t see it, they could care less…but consider this:

Imagine driving down the coastal highway driving from NorCal to Portland, OR, the breeze whipping by. The sun low in the sky as you jet along the crashing waves as they continue their relentless battle with the rocky coast…

Did you imagine yourself in your current car?

Chances are, probably not, I didn’t. I was in a Red Ferarri 360 Modena. My favorite Ferrari.

What were you driving?

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