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Coffee at midnight Films is the name for my film production company. Through this company, I produce and light commercials, music videos, and films. I use my experiences working on independent features, National and International TV shows and National commercials to continually improve the films I produce.

I have a passion for great film production and I enjoy coupling that passion with my love of great advertising to make fantastic commercials that have impact and meaning. I enjoy commercials as a staple of great work, but my true passion still lies in making films, short and long.

When I was a kid, I would watch movies with a sense of wonder. I would soak up the behind the scenes featurettes and and watch every making of I could find. Initally I wanted to be an actor, I still love getting onscreen and playing a role or two, but through my years of working in production, I have realized that what I really love is taking a great idea and seeing it become real. I love producing independent films.

The best part about it is the sense that you are making something bigger than yourself and that the story that you are helping to move to screen will be eternalized, people will watch it and be entertained, or moved or just plain enjoy themselves.

There are very few things as fun to me as working on a great set, but there are very few things as grueling either. It’s not uncommon to work 16 hour days and turn around and do it the next day and teh next when you are producing a film. Especially if it is an independent film.

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