Fast Cars, Lot’s of Awesome – This is Me

Ferarri 360 Modena Alexandre Prevote Photography

For those of you who know me, you know this much… I LOVE CARS. Not all cars though. I can appreciate most cars for something, but I really love Exotics.

I love the Ferrari 360.

Ferarri 360 Modena Alexandre Prevote Photography

I love the Porsche Carerra Turbo.

Porsche Carerra Turbo Cabriolet

I love the Lamborghini Murcielago.

lamborghini murcielago alexandre prevote photography

I love what they look like, and I love what they stand for. I LOVE that they are essentially race cars that you can drive. Vehicles like this are “art on wheels” not just cars. I can plainly say I understand having a “Point A to Point B-mobile” but I also understand doing it in style. It’s the feel, the sound, the smell and the style. There is something other worldly about cars like these that I just can’t explain. They are quality, perfection, art in motion. Hand-crafted pieces of history that you can get behind the wheel and feel the road…exploit the road to it’s most extreme. (think Pikes Peak, CO).


When I was younger (18) I swore I would have as Subaru WRX (bugeye). I Love the rally style of these cars and I love the way they perform. Well, as some of you know, I got my wish a few years

back. I got a 2002 WRX for a steal. It had already been mildly modified and was a miniature beast! To many people, a little WRX wouldn’t seem like a dream car, but to this kid it was, and I LOVED it. Not to mention, I got to fulfill a life dream by getting it, that felt pretty dang good.

BluBaru Blue 2002 Subaru WRX

Me and the Subaru at the Park

I sold the little BluBaru (blue-Buh-Roo) for a car that gets good gas mileage and even Fawn thinks is gutless (and that’s saying something). But when it comes to cars, she doesn’t understand my obsession, but then again, I can’t understand her love of SUV’s. They don’t go fast, they aren’t sexy…but to her they are.

2014 Honda CRV

Fawn’s Dream – 2014 Honda CRV

Back to the Subaru…Bucket list.Check.

This love of cars isn’t for everybody though, most of my friends don’t see it, they could care less…but consider this:

Imagine driving down the coastal highway driving from NorCal to Portland, OR, the breeze whipping by. The sun low in the sky as you jet along the crashing waves as they continue their relentless battle with the rocky coast…

Did you imagine yourself in your current car?

Chances are, probably not, I didn’t. I was in a Red Ferarri 360 Modena. My favorite Ferrari.

What were you driving?

Inbound Certified – Wahoooo!

hubspot inbound certified Ryan M Hall

Today I add a notch to the web developer and digital strategist in me.  Today, I became a Hubspot Inbound Certified Marketer.

I’ll be studying now for the Hubspot Partner Certification. I’ll let you guys know how that goes when it happens.

Destroyer Prep – Short Film

Destroyer with Alan Ruck, Judith Hoag & Ryan M Hall

I just got off the phone with our Producer Adam Emerson (Dust of War, You Don’t Know Bertha Constantine) and we’re putting the finishing touches on Pre Production for our short film Destroyer!

I say we as if it’s my film, but it’s not. It was written by Andrew Kightlinger and Dr. Badass (Jake Miller).

I don’t know if I can say who we cast in the film yet, so I’ll just tell you that it is going to be AWESOME, and that you will know them when you see them. Not to mention, they are PERFECT for the roles!

I’ll let you know who they are when I’m able.
I also just started talking to a friend in MN about a feature she has in the works. She’s been working on it in one capacity or another for over 4 years, and I’m excited to see the opportunity she has ahead of her with this project. More on that later too…I can’t say ANYTHING about this project because right now I’m just consulting.

Coffee At Midnight Films

doyle holden & Peter Wigand with Digital Sorcery on Dust of War Chizum Camp Set

Gaffer in deadwood Big & Rich TV Production

Coffee at midnight Films is the name for my film production company. Through this company, I produce and light commercials, music videos, and films. I use my experiences working on independent features, National and International TV shows and National commercials to continually improve the films I produce.

I have a passion for great film production and I enjoy coupling that passion with my love of great advertising to make fantastic commercials that have impact and meaning. I enjoy commercials as a staple of great work, but my true passion still lies in making films, short and long.

When I was a kid, I would watch movies with a sense of wonder. I would soak up the behind the scenes featurettes and and watch every making of I could find. Initally I wanted to be an actor, I still love getting onscreen and playing a role or two, but through my years of working in production, I have realized that what I really love is taking a great idea and seeing it become real. I love producing independent films.

The best part about it is the sense that you are making something bigger than yourself and that the story that you are helping to move to screen will be eternalized, people will watch it and be entertained, or moved or just plain enjoy themselves.

There are very few things as fun to me as working on a great set, but there are very few things as grueling either. It’s not uncommon to work 16 hour days and turn around and do it the next day and teh next when you are producing a film. Especially if it is an independent film.

You can find out more about my upcoming projects at

Dust Of War

Doug Jones Jasper Morgan Dust of War

Dust of War Poster

Dust of War is a post-apocalyptic action/adventure film in the style of Mad Max meets Book of Eli.

Check out the trailer below:


The film stars Gary Graham (Star Trek, Robot Jox) and Stephen Luke (Memorial Day), with Tony Todd (Canydman, The Rock), and Doug Jones (Hellboy, Falling Skies).

It follows our hero Abel (Stephen Luke – Memorial Day) who joins forces with a war veteran (Gary Graham – Star Trek, Robot Jox) as they try to keep the girl Ellie (Jordan McFadden) from an Evil Warlord (Bates Wilder – Shutter Island, Showtimes Brotherhood). Along their adventure, they are taken in by a travelling show master, Crispus Hansen (Tony Todd – Canydman, Final Destination V) and his show runner Jebediah Strum (Doug Jones – Hellboy, Falling Skies). The fate of humanity rests on our heroes’ shoulders, and the girl is the key.

I had the chance to Line Produce this movie, focusing on logistics and budget control, and ensuring that each day went as smoothly as possible while planning to fix any hiccups we encountered along the way. (And let’s face it, this is independent film, so hiccups do happen. 😀 ).

My time spent on this film was one the biggest challenges I’ve ever faced and the best learning experiences I’ve ever had. I was away from my family for over 6 weeks working on this, and mind you little Alexa was just born, but I had the chance to step up to the plate and really perform at my peak on this film.

I could write for hours regailing you with stories from the Dust of War set, and if you’ve ever talked film with me, you know I probably will, but I’ll leave it with just this: We did something amazing with Dust of War, both with the size and scope of the film in our budget range, and for the beauty and story that made it to the screen. Those of us that were in it 100% sweat, bleed and never slept, but it was a fantastic experience.

We just premiered at San Diego Comic Con and are excited for where the film will go from here.

Dust of War is one of my shining examples of #DoGoodWork and I thank everybody involved for being a part of it. You all rock!


To find out more about the movie visit